The Bobby Orf #17 Scholarship Fund

Robert “Bobby” Anthony Orf

Our son Bobby, was diagnosed with Mononucleosis in December of 2001. After several weeks of deteriorating health, and almost death, it was determined that the Mononucleosis had activated a rare blood disease known as Hemophagocitic Lymphohistiocystosis, or HLH. After several months of Chemotherapy, Steroids and a myriad of other medications, the doctors had Bobby’s HLH under control. During this time, however, Bobby suffered from the usual side effects of such treatments. He had lost his hair, and swelled to twice his normal size. Bobby had been an average 17 year old boy until now. He was uncomfortable with his looks, but he grew to accept it as part of the process.

Eventually Bobby regained his health, and subsequently his old look. But as fate would have it, in April of 2003 Bobby relapsed. After several months of tragic events, caused by a suppressed immune system, Bobby ultimately had to undergo a bone marrow transplant, his changes were good. His brother Patrick was a perfect match.

On December 2, 2003 Bobby underwent his transplant and things were going well. He was right on target and expected to be home for Christmas. But tragically, on December 16, 2003 Bobby took an abrupt turn for the worse and within hours, Bobby had died. At exactly 10:49 am December 16, Bobby had taken his last breath.  

– Dave & Mary Orf 

The Scholarship is awarded to a hockey player for support of the athlete’s post secondary education. The recipient must exhibit the characteristics of strength, courage and determination that defined the life of Bobby Orf.