Our Team

Dave Orf

David Orf,  President

As President, David Orf, has increased the number of employees needed to handle the day to day operations of the company and increased the annual revenue to over 30 million. Now, over 35 years later, and with a highly regarded reputation in the construction industry, it is apparent that the same idea that started the company still holds true, complete client satisfaction.





Connie Braye, Vice-President

Connie has been on staff at Orf Construction since 1979 and became the Vice President in 1985.  Since that time, she has implemented all managerial and financial accounting procedures.  Connie interacts with corporate council, accountants and insurance and bonding agents.  She is responsible for the preparation of contracts, purchase orders and credit accounts and is instrumental in the preparation of all bid proposals and contract negotiations.





Jeff Kolkmeier, Project Manager  

Jeff  is a committed, hard-working, invaluable member of our project team.  He has over 20 years of field experience and is a Carpenter by trade.  For the past 12 years, Jeff has proven his skill at supervision, scheduling, project coordination, estimation, and management skills with Orf Construction.  While initially hired in as a Project Superintendent, within 6 months Jeff was promoted to Project Manager where he has excelled and performed above and beyond his job requirements.




At Orf Construction we are a team, and we recognize that our employees are truly our most valuable resource. From our Management Staff to our Skilled Trade Employees, we only hire the most qualified individuals. We strive to create an environment of team work and mutual respect. We encourage new ideas and personal growth.  That is why we are able to keep our turnover rate low and bring stability to our clients. Without our highly trained and motivated workforce, Orf Construction cannot possibly continue to enjoy the success to which we have grown accustom.