About Us

After working 27 years with a large St. Louis based construction firm, Robert Orf decided it was time to go into business for himself. July of 1977, with his son David Orf by his side, he opened the doors of Orf Construction.

Both Robert and David worked with one simple idea, complete client satisfaction. With hard work comes success, and that is why Robert and David were able to make Orf Construction successful. Both working long hours to make sure that all of the projects were completed on time and under budget. After 12 years, Robert decided to retire and handed the reins to David.




As President, David Orf, has over tripled the number of employees needed to handle the day to day operations of the company and increased the annual revenue to over 30 million. Now, over 30 years later, and with a highly regarded reputation in the construction industry, it is apparent that the same idea that started the company still holds true, complete client satisfaction.